Enterprise Apple Solutions
Adopting the Mac as a corporate IT standard can be valuable for your organization. And with renowned ease of use, rock-solid security, and built-in tools to centralize client management, it's easier than you may think. The Mac can fit easily in managed corporate and government environments. So why not consider including Mac systems as a standard choice for your organization?

With a fully-certified UNIX core, Mac OS X delivers an intuitive user interface—helping to improve user satisfaction and productivity. Mac OS X also has built-in tools that centralize support for company-wide Mac systems, enabling IT to deliver proactive upgrade, patch, and security services, inventory planning, and client support with existing tools and resources, or other innovative tools for the Mac.

Deploying the Mac can even result in reduced help-desk calls, ultimately leading to lower tech support costs. Mac OS X includes built-in security features such as application-based firewall, VPN client, strong encryption tools, and integrated Internet security to help keep your organization protected at all levels of operation.