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Assimilate’s Scratch is the professional’s choice for color grading and RED assemblies. North American Reseller of the Year Key Code Media is the partner knowledgeable of film, TV and commercial work to integrate your system.

Dailies, Conform and Stereoscopic
Animation workflows, assembly of multiple footage types and the ease of establishing a left eye, right eye stereoscopic 3D workflow gives you a system less than any other comparably featured color grading system.

Prepost, Color Grading, Finishing: Scratch & RED
SCRATCH has the ability to read R3D files directly, with no transcoding necessary and no rendering. Just locally copy your R3D file and you can start working without rendering.

Further Information:
There is a great Assimilate White Paper, written by Mike Most. Mike outlines the approaches taken by ASSIMILATE SCRATCH working and reading the Red’s native files (the “R3d” files) directly, using native R3D or simpler settings designed by Assimilate (RedRaw Lin and RedRaw Log) that yield proper results with less user intervention. The Assembler module conforms any combination of time code, reel number, and names contained in comment lines of the EDL.

Elimination of transcoding to other file types minimizes information loss and color space conversions. This saves you hours of rendering on your project.