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About IFX
Interactive Effects has been serving the visual effects community since 1993. Our goal is to provide the video and film production community with interactive graphics solutions which allow creative freedom and high quality results. Interactive Effects is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California.
PIRANHA - A GPU based Stereo Editing and Visual Effects System
for MacOSX and Linux

Piranha 7 is a complete editing and finishing system for Linux and MacOsx. Using the Power of GPU to deliver great performance and interactive artistic freedom. Piranha 7 can mix content with different resolutions and bit depths up to 8k 16bit/channel.
Editing and Conform
Piranha 7 can conform Final Cut Pro XML, Vegas XML, and CMX Edl formats. Piranha's editing system features full non-linear editing including multiple video and audio trackes.
Timeline based Compositing and Effects
Piranha integrates editing, layer-based compositing, painting, complete color correction and more in a single timeline, and within a single application. No more switching between applications!

Color Finishing
Multiple secondaries, free form trackable shapes and Keyer control.

Paint Tools
Paint on sequences, supports up to 16bit/per channel color.

Stereo Tools
Live stereo viewing of content. Stereoflow effects fixing any stereo shot. 2D to 3D conversion tools.

Playback and Daily tools
Piranha makes a great daily and editorial tool for 3D animators and live shooters alike. Piranha is able to conform from xml and even composite separate video tracks as well as separate audio tracks.

High Dynamic Range Support
Piranha 7 Supports high dynamic range images such as Red-R3d, Exr and Floating point Tiff Files.
File Formats
Piranha7 supports a variety of formats RedR3d, Quicktime, Exrs, DPX, AVI MP4and more.

The Fun Stuff is Back
With Piranha's HardwareFX, Audio Tracking, and 3D Particle System you wont be running out of ideas anytime soon. Custom GPU Effects and more to come.

Platform Support
Both Snow Leopard and Lion are Supported. Good graphics cards are always recommended.

Piranha 7 supports a variety of Linux distributions. Combined with Nvidia Graphics hardware. Piranha 7 provides the ultimate professional solution.
Piranha 7 supports 64bit Centos/RHEL 5,6, Ubuntu 10.04 and others.

Support for Latest Thunderbolt OSX Hardware
Piranha 7 supports Thunderbolt drives and accessories such as the Promise Pegasus R6 Disk Array and new Blackmagic 3D decklink cards.
Evaluating Piranha 7
Piranha 7 can be downloaded and evaluated free of charge. By clicking the link below. Piranha 7 Evaluation Download