Nova Film Scanner
The Nova multi-format film scanner produces beautiful images in SD, HD and 2K HSDL video standards. With its capability of scanning many film formats, 16mm, S16mm, 35mm and S35mm (standard), 8mm and S8mm (with optional film gates), the Nova provides affordable options and incredible flexibility. The Nova telecine is suited to all workflows from commercials, short-form transfers, medium length episodic and full length features for new film productions or for restoration and archival purposes.

The Nova Scanner utilizes "Steadi-films High Output Steadi-Gate" and "Meta-Speed Digital Servo Technology" to allow a wide range of scanning speeds and the needed stability for the most critical projects. With support for all SMPTE and EBU SD/HD video formats at up to 30FPS and 2K Dual Link HSDL @ 15FPS for 2048 x 1556 resolution data scans, the Nova Scanner provides exceptional value suited to today's tough market requirements. Included as standard in the Nova scanner are the renowned AuroraTM grain management tools which combined with high gain, low noise "Bright Eyes" sensors ensure clean filmic quality transfers. The Nova can be controlled from its local touch sensitive LCD control panel, remotely across an Ethernet network from any PC or by both daVinci and Pandora color correction products.